Beyond the Horizon


There's Something There, Beyond the Horizon

"There's something there, beyond the horizon ~
Splash of eternity, perhaps, in brilliant light
Ever elusive, tempting, yet always inviting
Curious mind and hungry soul behold the sight [...]"

-Jonathan Noble

It takes a strong sense of self to lay bare one's heart, and even then the fear of vulnerability lingers ever so quietly. Yet, there is so much to reap from the sharing of experiences. Giving voice to thoughts, emotions, and feelings is to intimately create authentic connection with others, which cultivates self-expression and inner knowing not just in oneself, but also within the greater collective. 

My intention in offering my reflections is to transcend comfort and familiarity. I want to share in what exists "beyond the horizon," and pay tribute to those who have come before me. The best way to honor family, friends, elders, mentors, guides, and ancestors for their lessons and teachings is to pass it on. May I hold space just as it has been held for me.